3 Reasons for Companies to Expand Their Presence Using Social Media
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3 Reasons for Companies to Expand Their Presence Using Social Media

Social media is a great way for companies to expand their presence quickly and on a large scale. The networks provide companies the ability to increase brand awareness, actively communicate with customers, and drive sales based on customer interest. Attract new clients as well as securing established clientele. Networks include Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Social media refers to the abundance of networks available online, from Facebook to Twitter and Google+. Many companies are expanding their presence on social media and there are great reasons why they are pooling their energy and resources to do so.

Brand Awareness

Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness. While many people may know your business within your local community, your company name may be unknown in another city or other countries.

Social media allows companies to reach large numbers of people by simply sending a 140 maximum character Tweet with a related hashtag. There are currently 100 million active Twitter users; these people are “active” as they log into their accounts at least once a month. Your Tweet will enter the stream of your Twitter followers as well as showing up on searches for that hashtag within the network. Furthermore, Tweets send in real-time, which mean there are no time lags that interrupt conversations.

Spread brand awareness quickly to large numbers of people using social media.

A Communication Method with Customers

Social media networks also provide a great forum for businesses to respond to customers as well as engage them in discussions.

An active Facebook fan page, for example, lets you interact easily with customers and potential clients who follow you. They may find it easier to post a question on the Facebook page than to find your business number and phone you. They already have an account on Facebook and therefore are likely comfortable with the platform.

Respond quickly to customer questions and grievances on social media networks such as Facebook to build a reputation of being responsive and listening to your clients. When you practice good communication methods, customers spread word about the fast response of your company.

Customers remember the good service online and good service will bring back customers, as well as their friends to whom they recommend you.

Turn Customer Interest into Sales

Your business is able to increase its sales by expanding its presence on social media. Potential customers are following your Facebook business page and circling you on Google+ because they are interested in your company. Perhaps they like the content you post on the networks or are generally interested in your business profile. Whatever the reason, there is interest.

Turn the customer interest into sales using the tools of social media. Ask customers questions on a Facebook post or schedule a Google+ hangout with potential clients who circle you. In the Google+ hangout, find out from people what they want to know about your company and gain a better understanding of your client base characteristics. You are then better able to serve them when you understand their needs.

Also, invite the people who already follow you on Facebook to follow you on Google+ and Twitter. When you extend your presence on social media, you remind customers of your diversity and create a perceptive online presence. You also stay fresh in their minds when your company appears professionally over several networks.

When your company expands its presence on social media, there are many benefits. Use tools such as Google+ hangouts and Facebook pages to turn interest into sales for your company. Communicate effectively over the networks to increase clientele as well as increasing brand awareness. Ensure your company’s network profiles are active and professional to build a strong online presence.


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Good reasons and I totally agree.

That's definitely true,social media is the way to go.

Thanks Rae and Latoya for the positive comments!

Very good advice. Great article, as usual. Thank you, Christy. 

Thank-you Francois!