What Can We Learn About Atheists? Are Atheists Evil?
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Would make a good social hangout for somebody who is seeking intellectual stimulation outside of Christian circles? Here is my review of that site, and the impression I got of atheists on it. If these are the people of "reason", I'm afraid America and the world has got a problem. I truly hope that the atheists I met here aren't representative of atheists in general. Religious people may do evil when they wrongly think they are right, but atheists may do evil because they WANT to be evil and unlikable.

Having studied mythology, ancient history and the origins of religions, I have pretty much an idea what the Abrahamic religions are based on and where they come from. My insight into how it works is also my personal reason for not actually subscribing to religion like Christianity for example, because contrary to what Christians may believe, their religion was brought about more by Politics than by any Creator of this universe.

As the common belief sometimes is that there are only two options, you either "believe" in religion or you're an atheist, once I tell people I'm not a religious person per sé they automatically ask if I'm an atheist then.  

Up until now, because I've never interacted much if any with atheists, I always wondered and didn't quite know what I am, if you have to put a label on it.  Well, I wonder no more after hanging out on a site called 

AChristianAndAnAtheist was started by, you guessed it, two guys who are a Christian and an Atheist.  It would appear some years ago they started out the site as a site where one can listen to podcasts of the two of them discussing their beliefs.  It appear however that after a whole list of podcasts, they basically said all that can be said about the subject and the podcasts stopped. 

But the phpBB forum section still has some people posting in it, although some of them have also mentioned that it's dwindling. 

Neverhtheless, activity was still going on strong enough when I joined just less than a week ago. 

So, how would I review this site, it's forum and its forum members?   Is it a great place to hang out and learn?  Is it welcoming?  Friendly? Social? Balanced? Healthy?

In my inexperience of atheists, I went in with the expectation that atheists are kind of like me;  they objectively and unbiassedly studied the history of religion and its origins, and could not help to realize that what religious people preach today is a fantasy based on the past and its politics, and is NOT the ultimate truth that religious people pretend it is.  It is more like Santa Clause - a bishop who actually exists and gives gifts anonymously, becomes a larger than life idea of an immortal person that we still say today will come on Christmas and bring us gifts, even though the original Saint Nicholas is long buried.  I still had the idea that atheists are people who are good and logical, and strive for truth and reason, and THAT is why they could not "believe in" religion's irrational larger-than-life traditional tales. 

My week on the forum quickly brought me to other insights though.   Atheists clearly appeared to know NOTHING of the Christian religion they passionately bash and ridicule with a deep urge to hate, and they wanted to know nothing whatsoever about it either.  Their actions and responses clearly spring NOT from reason, or a quest for truth, but from hate and political reasons.  

I am going to generalize now, and I stress that I'm averaging here, because there were indeed about two or three people who talked like reasonable people, even if they differed in their opinions. 

However, the overwhelming fly in the ointment is the attitude of the atheists on this site. 

Although as an intellectual, and a creative spirit, and somebody for whom reason is very important too, my initial feeling was that I would gravitate toward the atheist side on this site, I'm afraid this simply wasn't so. I have learned quite a lot about the thinking and "reasoning" and attitude of atheists on this site, and I must say, I find it appalling, and if I stand back, laughable.

Although the atheists claim that being rational and logical and using reason are their only motivations for their thinking, I have found this to be a lie. The urge to hurt their fellow man was obvioulsy a much stronger motivation, if not all there is to them.

They simply are another radical fundamentalist group, who are not striving for truth or reason, but simply wants to aggressively fight and hate everybody else who doesn't believe the universe isn't planned by any "masterbrain", whichever form the latter might take. Atheists are in no way different in their attitude and no better whatsoever than the Catholic church in their days of murderous antics and the bible belt folk they put down and ridicule all the time. In fact, I have found them to be worse.

Personally, for me that the universe exists, leads to a logical reason to believe that something creates it.  This may not be the "God" character from Christianity or any of the known religions whose people write that their main character created it but of course none of them can see their main character or ever did, so what do they know really.  Still, I believe that it may or may not be so that something behind the universe, in the universe, or even the universe itself, is creating the universe. 

This however is NOT what atheists want to hear.  I mentioned it once on that site, and all hell broke loose.  For them, it's not about actually reasoning, or being logical, or striving for the truth.  For them, there's only one rule:  "NOTHING CREATED THE UNIVERSE."  Anybody who dares debate that, is immediately ousted, hated, rejected, ridiculed and e-murdered. 

The people on this site as I experienced them are horrible, unfriendly, malicious, mean-spirited, dumb, acting out of total and complete ignorance, anti-social, cruel, closed off to any new ideas or answers, don't possess a creative bone in their body and mind, and they are completely imbalanced when it comes to seriousness, lightheartedness and playfulness.

NOTHING I posted about my point of view and experiences was responded to in kind, nor did anybody play along when I posted something playful or lighthearted - no sense whatsoever of comradaree. There was of course your usual bullying:  I have been called "loser", and not just "loser", but "loser of the highest order". I have had posts of mine answered with nothing other than swearwords. Faultfinding with posts seem to be what most members live for on this site. Generally the first reaction to posts is to misunderstand them and react aggressively, usually with some inner urge to hurt, ridicule and reject. The word online bullying comes to mind, although it's more like online murdering. Hating is the main reason for existing of some members it would appear.

If these are the people of "reason", I'm afraid America and the world has got a problem.  I truly hope that the atheists I met here aren't representative of atheists in general.  Religious people may do evil when they wrongly think they are right, but atheists may do evil because they WANT to be evil and unlikable.   They don't have the "God wanted it" excuse to hide behind. 

I like the original founders of this site and their idea, however as clearly motivated, this forum is NOT recommendable. No wonder it's dwindling because obviously nobody would want to recommend it to their friends. 

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