Editing and Tagging Photos in FaceBook
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Editing and Tagging Photos in FaceBook

After uploading the photos for your album, you have several editing options.To edit an album at any time, click Photos (in the Applications menu), click My Photos, and then click Edit Album beneath the album title you want to modify.

After uploading the photos for your album, you have several editing options.To edit an album at any time, click Photos (in the Applications menu), click My Photos, and then click Edit Album beneath the album title you want to modify. Across the top of it you will have the following links:

  • Edit Photos: Here, you can add captions to your photos, tag your friends in individual photos, choose which photo will be the album’s cover, and move photos in your album into a different order. 
  • Add More: Your albums can have as many photos as you like. If you realize you forgot a few, use this link to go back to the upload screen.
  • Organize: You can rearrange the order of the photos in your album here.
  • Edit Info: i mention earlier that you can change the album name and other info you added when creating the album; you click this button to do that.
  • Delete: This is how you delete an entire album.

If you want advanced editing options, such as red-eye reduction or cropping,you either need to do these on your computer before uploading photos or use another photo-editing application on Facebook.After you finish all your captions, tags, and other edits, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. If you don’t do this, and you click anywhere else to change pages, your captions, tags, and photo order are lost.

Adding captions to your photos:

The Edit Album screen is a long list of your photos, displayed as thumbnails. The boxes next to the thumbnails are where you can enter captions. Facebook has no rules regarding a caption — you can leave it blank, you can talk about where the photo was taken, or you can make a good joke about its content.At this point, you can select which photo you want to be the album cover the photo people see with the album title and description. Remember to save your changes.

Tagging your photos:

Tagging is the part of Facebook Photos that makes the application so useful for everyone, it is how you mark who is pictured in your photos. Imagine if you took all your photos, printed them out, put them in albums, and then created a giant spreadsheet cross-listing the photos and the people in the photos. Then you merged your spreadsheet with all your friends’ spreadsheets. This is what tagging does. When you tag a friend, it creates a link from her Profile to that photo, and notifies the friend that you’ve tagged her. Your friends always have the option to remove a photo tag that they don’t want linked to their account.

1. Hover the mouse over the photo you want to tag.The mouse switches from an arrow to a target symbol.

2. Click the face of the person you want to tag.

3. In the pop-up that appears, begin typing the name of any friend. The list below will auto-complete; as soon as you see your friend’s name,select it with your mouse.Additionally, as you tag an album, the people you have already tagged will be saved to the top of the entire list just in case they are in more than one photo.

4. Remember to click Save Changes when you’re done.

Rearranging photos:

After saving your captions and tags, you can organize the photos in your album.the Organize tab, which provides the order in which your photos appear. You can drag and drop these photo thumbnails into any order, and they will appear in that order. Remember to click Save Changes when you’re done organizing.

Congratulations — you’ve just created your first Facebook photo album that you can share with friends and family! You can edit your album at any time by going to the Photos page, clicking My Photos, and then clicking Edit Album beneath your album title.

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