Facebook Settings: Who Has Access to Your Information, Newsfeed and Chat
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Facebook Settings: Who Has Access to Your Information, Newsfeed and Chat

Facebook settings Facebook security and privacy settings protect your privacy on Facebook

One of Facebook’s features is "social ads" where your photo and name will be displayed in ads by Facebook partners if you have used or "liked" their product. Who these Facebook partners are is not mentioned. Facebook says" Some select partner sites may access your information to personalize your experience as soon as you arrive,…"

A personalized ad means the company, game, app or website features your Facebook name and photo on their site as someone who uses their product. For example I logged-on to a website I use often and saw two of my Facebook friends profile photos with the words "So and so liked this page". You decide whether you want everyone to know which sites and apps you use, if you would rather keep this information private you will need to adjust your Facebook settings as the default allows these personalized ads.

To change the Facebook default allowing the use of your name and photo in partner ads go to My Account – Facebook Ads – and click either "Show my social actions in Faceboook Ads to ONLY MY FRIENDS" or "Show my social actions in Facebook Ads to NO ONE". There are already plans in the works to expand the use of these Ads so check in on your Facebook settings regularly in case the default settings are not to your liking.

Don't want to be seen on Facebook?

Do you have one annoying person who pounces on you in the chat room as soon as you log-in to Facebook, someone you would rather not speak to and would you rather be on Facebook without them knowing? Well you can, go to Facebook privacy settings, select "customize settings" and on "Include me in 'people here now' when I log-in" check the box. When you do this the one down side is that none of your friends will see when you are online not just the annoying person.

Can you see only some of your friend's wall posts?

One of Facebook's recently changes includes a default setting allowing only friends who you have communicated with in the last two weeks to comment on your posts. This means that you will notice that you can't see some friend's newsfeed posts and they can't see yours.

To adjust your newsfeed settings go to your Facebook home page and go all the way down to the bottom of the page. On the right hand side click on "Edit Options" – "Show Posts From" – "All of Your Friends and Pages". Having done that you will see all your friends' newsfeeds and they will see yours.


To find out about more Facebook default settings you may not be aware of read "Check your Facebook settings for privacy and security".Remember to check your Facebook security and privacy settings regularly incase Facebook makes any changes which include default settings you don't want.


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Some good info here Petal, I find facebook too scary to even contemplate, read too much bad press about the site.

This information should be very helpful to new facebook users. Nice presentation Petal.

Outstanding work.