Google+ Introduces Birthday Notifications
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Google+ Introduces Birthday Notifications

Google+ has introduced birthday notifications to the popular social media network. If you have not yet entered your birthday information into your Google account, you will likely have seen a notification box pop-up upon recent log-in for the network. The feature notifies connections in your circles of your special day.

You may have noticed a box pop up on Google+ when you signed in to the social media network recently. Google+ has introduced a new feature to notify your circles of your birthday. Google Calendar has been popular for a similar feature it provides users.

The Birthday Feature

If you complete the birthday information on your Google+ profile, the social media network will share your birthday with your connections. Enter your birthday information and then you can select which of your circles see this information.

According to the notification box that popped up, the intention is that “friends and family can wish you a happy birthday!” Please note that you will not see the box if you have already entered birthday information into your Google account.

Facebook has been successful in a similar birthday feature, which sends notification to your Friends when your special day is within the week and also displays the reminder on their profiles. At Google+, you can select who sees your birthday by allowing certain circles to see the date.

The Google+ Help page explains that you are asked to provide your birthday as a way to provide personalized content and age-appropriate settings when Google services are used.

How to Add Your Birthday on Google+

To add your birthday onto your Google+ profile, click the blue “Edit profile” button at the top of your profile. Scroll down to the “Birthday” section and click the line. You will then be able to modify the information.

Select which circle sees your information. By default, your year of birth is hidden; to change the setting, you must check the box beside “Show year of birth”.  Otherwise, only the month and day are visible to your connections. You must press the “Edit profile” button in order to begin to change your settings.

The Changes

The birthday addition is the latest change to the social media network, following the introduction of Google+ Events. The network may be trying to rival Facebook for a bigger share of social media users. Google+ is a newer network than Facebook as it was integrated in 2011 into the account creation for Google services such as Gmail. Facebook launched in 2004, giving it a head start over its current competitor.

As for the impact of the Birthday Notifications, the box that pops up when you sign in to Google+ entices you to visit the platform on your special day. You may feel enticed by the line: “Visit the Google homepage on your birthday for a surprise!” Let’s wait to see what the surprise will be and whether there are more additions to come for the growing network.


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Comments (4)

This is great news, especially as I recently joined Google+.

ref: "...Let’s wait to see what the surprise will be and whether there are more additions..." Let's wait for sure :)

Great piece Christy! I'll be coming back to vote as I'm currently out of votes!

Very insightlful post! 

Great information. Thanks

Makes me wonder when they're going to change their name to FaceGoogle or GoogleBook...