Google Plus For Internet Marketing
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Google Plus For Internet Marketing

Google Plus is being talked up a lot by some of the biggest leaders in the internet marketing industry. Does it live up to the hype, and how do you use it?

This article will teach you how to use Google Plus the social networking site for internet marketing, or the promotion of your web pages. 

While it is still a new site at this stage, it has grown in members at a rate of about ten million people a week, or something ridiculous like that. 

There are already over 50 million people on the site after it only being around for a few months, and top internet marketers are saying that it works better than Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, or even Google itself for driving traffic to their site!

So how does Google Plus work for internet marketing? It depends on whether you are in the internet marketing niche yourself, or write things that would have a widespread appeal. Obviously the first group of people that joined the site were those who have websites to promote, or something to promote. 

The average internet user will probably take a while to warm up to the site, so while there are claims that you can double your traffic overnight, you will have to be posting links that appeal to the demographic of people who have you in their circles, and first you will need to get in those circles. 

Get People To Add You To Their Circles On Google Plus

OK, so it's a pretty simple idea, you add someone to one of your circles as a friend, family member, acquaintance or following, or you can create a custom circle, and they get a notification saying that you added them, and then they can choose to add you back. 

The way you find the people most likely to add you back is to locate someone who spends a lot of time adding people in the same niche as you, and if they have it on their profile, look at all of the people who have that person in their circles. 

Sound complicated? Well, it's not that hard to work out. Take a look at my profile, and you will see that I have a certain amount of people who have me in their circles. These are people that I have added, and they added me back (for the most part). 

I would suggest you add all those people, (including me), as acquaintances, or create a special circle called networking or whatever, and then move on to those profiles, and add all the people following them. 

There is a limit of about 5,000 I've been told, but there doesn't seem to be a daily limit for the amount of people you can add to your circles. I could be wrong about that. 

Another way I made internet marketing connections on Google Plus was by searching for Warrior Forum threads that were made specifically to make connections with other internet marketers on the site.

Generally, it's too early to say exactly what the benefits will be long term, and how to best take advantage of the Google Plus site for internet marketing, you just have to use it, and learn from experience what all the features are good for.

Adding random people that come up in the suggestions is probably not all that useful, as they may have millions of people that added them to their circles, and so you should try to search for more targeted people to add, rather than William Shatner or Anthony Robbins.

How do you use Google Plus? What are the benefits of it? Well, it's not all that clear at this stage, but if you are interested in internet marketing, SEO, traffic building, or any form of business promotion online, then you should be on there with the rest of us trying to figure it out. Google run the internet in many aspects, and with this site, they have most probably taken over another small slice of the pie. 

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Comments (3)

Interesting and informative read.thanks

Thanks for the information.

I think Google Plus is another great internet marketing tool after Twitter and Facebook. Good writeup! Please have a look on my article "How to Increase Google+ 1".