How To Increase Facebook Fans
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How To Increase Facebook Fans

This article talks about the various ways that you can increase the number of fans on your page. If you're starting out with a very low number, even your friends may feel hesitant to like the page, considering how unprofessional it looks. To really make a good impression to your page visitors, you have to start out with at least a couple of hundred likes, or it just looks pathetic.

Everyone who is anyone online or in the offline world knows you need to be on Facebook, and get yourself a popular Facebook page, as a place for your customers or fans to catch up with what you're doing.

The reason is simple, everyone online is on Facebook, and you would be extremely foolish not to take into consideration the value of a strong presence on the largest site in the world.

Take for example, the average musician who wants to appear like a big success to their fans, but they actually only have eleven likes on their page.

Another example would be someone who claims to be an internet marketing genius who knows how to drive thousands of hits of traffic to your site every day with their amazing new software.

If their Facebook page has 43 likes, it will generate precisely 0 sales, and it will not show up anywhere on the search results of Facebook or Google, unless it has tons of back links made to it which is either expensive or time consuming.

Do You Need To Buy Your Facebook Fans?

The truth is that you need to get likes on your page to start with, or it won't get hardly any likes in the future, because nobody wants to like a page that nobody else likes.

The search engines won't rank you for the title of your page, Facebook won't rank you in their search results, it's just not going to happen unless you get likes somehow.

Now you can get targeted likes through Facebook Ads, but not many people have the money to keep up a Facebook Ads campaign, because it just costs way too much.

The amount of likes you can get in a day at two dollars a like is limited to the amount of money you can spend in one day, which might be five likes a day, or perhaps ten likes a day if you want to spend $600 a month getting likes for your page.

You may have a product that allows you to spend twenty dollars a day or more to get likes, because you are making sales at the same time, but if you want to approach Facebook marketing in the way I do, you will need to use SEO.

That means ranking the page on the first page of Google, and in a Facebook search. A Facebook search is not the same as a Google search, there are less searches, but also less competition.

You can rank for a phrase that is only related by one letter that someone types in, or two letters. Think about the automatic search that happens when you start typing something into the Facebook search box.

Also, think about how many pages there actually are that can beat you for a huge phrase, and how many likes do they have?

That's the main way to beat the Facebook algorithms, and it can be done, quite easily. It's actually more realistic to say that you can guarantee rankings on Facebook than you can on Google due to the simplistic nature of the Edgerank algorithms.

Google is also easy to fool when it comes to ranking a Facebook page. To them, all of the likes look the same, so long as the user seems like a real person, and they haven't got the technology to work it out based on more than simple things like regular posting or number of friends.

There are two main ways to get Facebook likes, either from a social swapping site, and these are considered real or random likes, and also from a likes dealer who does not get them from the social swapping sites, and these are fake, or computer generated accounts.

There is simply no other way to get likes, except Facebook Ads, so it's either targeted through Facebook Ads, random through social swapping sites, or fake through likes dealers who sell huge amounts cheaply and cannot provide screenshot proof of where they came from.

Let me say it again, there is no escaping the need for buying likes through one of these methods if you want to have a successful Facebook page, and you're not a celebrity.

For more information, check out this article which tells you how to get more Facebook fans, it's a good one. If you want more information, send me an email at

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