How to Use Reddit and Webtoid for Sharing Your Factoidz and Other Links

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A brief look at two popular sites for social networking and promotions of links. A good guide on how to use the sites without being a spammer.

Reddit and its clone, Webtoid are sites where people converge to learn cool things, and share cool links. Sadly it is abused and misunderstood by many who are eager to get started on either site.

These sites are so successful in getting new news out there that I frequently see things on Reddit days before they show up on sites like Yahoo News. As such many people find them better for getting information when it occurs.

You do not need to sign in to view sites that have been posted, as such both sites have many “lurkers”. You will need an account if you wish to submit a link, vote, or make a comment. Joining is easy, you do not even need an e-mail account. Once you have joined you are free to enjoy the site fully, however if you abuse your rights you may have your account banned and submissions frozen.


You can vote up links you like, vote down those you don't like, or thought were in poor taste, or even things you think are spam. Voting should be done based on the site, rather than the title, which can often be misleading. The more up votes a submission receives the higher it appears. Typically things are given 48 hours then fall back, not to show on the main page after that. However they will still appear on their SubReddit, or SubToid.

SubReddits and SubToids

These are one of the most important features to consider. Submissions to appropriate sub spaces tend to do far better than those submitted to the whole community, lets face it not everything is generally popular. When you join either site you are automatically assigned some standard subreddits and subtoids to follow. You can drop these and add others at anytime according to your interests.

Look for a tool bar at the top of the screen and click a topic. To delete it from your selections click the – Frontpage, to add it click + Frontpage. To find more click the Edit button located on the side. 

Ultimately subscribing to your favorite subreddits or subtoids will make your experience more enjoyable. There are literally hundreds of subreddits on Reddit, while Webtoids is still in a growing stage.



This is where many people mess up. They submit too much, especially from their own sites, and are quickly flagged as spammers, their account deleted and their sites blocked. Reddit has a subreddit called “reportthespammers” for this very reason.

Spam Filter

This is a clever function that Reddit and Webtoid have incorporated to deal with spam sites so the moderators don't have to screen everything. Once sites have been reported the system filters out all other submissions from that site. Interestingly enough the submitter of such a site still sees it so they are unaware that it has been hit by the filter. They may notice that their link gets no up votes, no down votes, and no comments, and may message the moderators to check if their site was hit by the filter. At this time the mod will decide if the link is legit and worthy of being cleared.


When a person submits a link, and it is voted up, it gets a karma point. When a person makes a comment, and when its voted up they get a comment karma point. Karma doesn't really do anything other than indicate how active a person is. A person with high content karma and low comment comment karma is often quickly seen as a spammer who is not really participating in reading other people submissions.

How To Use Reddit and Webtoid Correctly

Join the appropriate subreddits, or subtoids according to your interests. You can visit them directly by clicking their name, or will have the top links show on your main page. Be sure to visit “NEW” as well to see the newest submissions.

You are allowed to submit your own sites but should do so sparingly. I suggest submitting many other sites that you have found interesting, and only submitting the best of your sites, never more than 2 a day, and even that should be considered a lot. Your own submissions (to your sites, your Blogs, your Factoidz) should not be more than 25% of all your submissions.

Read, view, and vote, on other users submissions. Make comments, and vote on other peoples comments.

Do not make many accounts to vote yourself up. This is definitely cheating although many people do have novelty accounts for the purposes of indulging in subreddits that they don't want to be linked to their main user name.

Beware of NSFW. This is should be used in submitting anything that is Not Safe for Work. Obviously you don't want to click if you are at work. You can set your settings to screen out against this.

Tell others about both sites, but do so only if they are likely to use the sites correctly. Spammers will not be treated well and they could ruin it for you (by having certain sites blocked or banned). Having said that, I encourage anyone who reads this to read it again, I don't want either site ruined for me either.


Reddit (home of the Alien) has been around for a while and is based in the USA, Webtoid (home of the robot) is newer and underused, it is based in Australia.


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