How to Use Twitter for Article Promotion and How to Increase Your Followers for Free
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How to Use Twitter for Article Promotion and How to Increase Your Followers for Free

Want to know the low-down on how to use Twitter to market articles, affiliate marketing campaigns, websites and more? Here is how to get a massive following of twitterers for free!

Twitter is a great social bookmarking tool. To understand just how effective it is from a marketing point of view, ebay sell 500 twitter followers from £15 or $23. You can also find people selling advertising from their own twitter page. A twitter page with 324,000 followers can charge anything from £8/$13 for posting your ad daily for just 7 days. The simple fact of the matter is that twitter is a huge marketing playground where you can promote your articles, affiliate marketing campaigns or your own personal website.

Twitter and Facebook alone have attracted over 600,000,000 active users, with 50% of those logging in regularly. For products that can be marketed worldwide this presents an amazing opportunity. The biggest trouble most individuals and companies face is acquiring followers. The idea of twitter is that you follow others (you can follow as many as you like within reason) and they will hopefully follow you back. For most people and companies however, this method is painfully slow and unproductive.

Two websites have made achieving a multitude of followers much easier and most individuals will be able to attain these followers for free by following a few simple rules. The websites in question are and Both operate a system where you get credits or ‘seeds’ for following others and these credits can be used to get your own followers. Following around 70 people a day will get you on average 100+ followers and it won’t cost you a thing. Both sites allow you to increase twitter followers as well as Facebook fans and likes for free. They will even let you target followers from the same country as yourself and with the same interests. From a marketing standpoint, this can be a real bonus, as in effect you are attaining followers who will hopefully be interested in your articles/product.

For those seeking mass followers instantly, both websites provide packages of followers which can be bought conveniently online and with instant results.

One point to remember, however, is that no-one is forced to follow anyone and soon after someone has added you to their twitter account they can also delete you, though for the most part this is detrimental to the idea of the joining the site in the first place. Bear in mind that twitter monitors aggressive following and if you consistently follow and un-follow a large number of users, you can expect to have your account suspended. Every user can follow 2000 people without any limits, but after this threshold has been reached additional rules apply. So basically you can’t follow 10,000 people if only 50 follow you. What you need to remember is that twitter exercises the 10% rule. This means that if you follow 2000 people, you can have a maximum of 2200 followers. You have to start small and increase your following gradually if you want to do it for free. Don’t follow or un-follow more than your 10% maximum.

Note: Un-following people can be achieved by clicking on your ‘profile tab’ and then click on the ‘following’ tab. If you then click on a person’s profile name it will bring up a small window telling you more about them. If they are following you, you will be able to send them a message via the ‘message’ tab. If you can’t see a message tab, alas they just don’t like you enough to follow you. Deleting them is simple, just click on the green follow tab, which will remove them instantly.

If you have a large number of followers, un-following in this manner can be rather onerous. Twitter Karma ( can be very useful when you have 50 or more persons that you would like to un-follow from a large group. This application displays all your users on a large webpage where you can see exactly who is following you and who isn’t. It will also enable you to delete followers in a much more efficient way than using twitter itself.

People have mixed results when advertising their website, blog or product on twitter. From my personal experience 1000 followers will get you approximately 6+ hits for article marketing every time you use it and the nice thing about twitter, is that because your followers come from all four corners of the globe, you can tweet the same article at least twice a day if not several times, although I’d recommend you change your title slightly to keep your viewers interested. The great thing is, the more followers you have the more followers and hits you’ll receive!

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Comments (18)

I think I've underestimated the value of using Twitter. I have over 3,500 followers and promote quite a lot there. I only recently started thinking that I should be getting better results (more views), after reading some other articles about people struggling to build up their following, but then reasoned it was a bit of a karmic thing (I should really try to spend more time there reciprocating my followers tweets). There are other ways to do this now I see from your article. Thank you for your very informative and helpful article Ann. :-)

Amazing research about the use of these site. It is really very informative and useful article. Thanks Ann for nsharing

Buzzed up. This is an important tool for writers to use.

This is beautiful anne. Indeed, facebook and twitter are some of my greatest traffic sources..

Good info and presented well to easily understand.Thank you. I am out of votes so will promote your educational article.

I dont use Facebook but have used twitter with mixed results.

Excellent! Thanks

Great post Ann and a good reminder that I need to use Twitter more.

Thanks for the nice analysis.I think using twitter for article promotion depends upon a writer's patience very much than all other factors.

really good article with easy to understand and follow advice. i use FB and Twitter but neither to the full extent :)

I was not aware of the 10% rule. I also did not know, one could buy follower packages like that. Great info. Thanks :)

I had no idea it was so lucrative - EBay selling followers!! I also didn't know about the 10% rule. A really great and informative article, Ann :D

Very helpful tips, Anne.

I've heard twitter is powerful and you've confirmed it! great job!

I love twitter! Many people do not understand the value of this tool. Thanks for writing this great article! You've got my vote!

I did know about the ratio of following and followers, but I just thought it wasn't very good to follow a lot of people but have little amount of followers yourself. Didn't know it would possibly lead to suspension. 0_O Maybe I should read the terms and conditions properly. :D Haha Thanks for telling us.

Great article. I think I need to start using Twitter more than once every 3 months!

Thanks for the great tips Ann!