Ideas for Increasing Your Facebook Fan Page Likes
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Ideas for Increasing Your Facebook Fan Page Likes

Ideas for Increasing Your Facebook Fan Page Likes, There are a lot of suggestions out there on increasing your Facebook Fan Page Likes.

There are a lot of suggestions out there on increasing your Facebook Fan Page Likes. Some sound a pretty gimicky to me, but there is value in having fans of your Facebook fan page: It’s extremely cost-effective marketing!

First, a couple things on "purchasing" fans:

On buying fans: I've seen some companies actually selling Facebook fans--with success. But anyone who's ever cold called knows the conversion rate for bought prospects is extremely low (crap). This minimizes your ROI and nixes it right out of anything I'd recommend.

On Facebook Ads: I've heard mixed responses. Bottom line, Facebook Ads are relatively inexpensive. If you use them, implement traditional banner advertising rules: engage, be "loud", and have a call-to-action. Now that the housekeeping is done, here are a few ideas to credibly boost your Facebook visibility.

Regularly update fans. This stretches above and beyond status updates. In your settings, you have the option to send fans direct updates. (Get to this feature: Facebook Fan Page > Edit > Send an Update) Use this feature carefully! Respect fans by offering value: Discounts, promotions, resources, or entertainment are all good ways to ensure your updates are welcomed!

Think like Twitter; encourage users to "follow" you instead of "like" you. For users new to knowing your business, this may feel like a less committal way to getting to know more about your business.

When promoting an event, use Facebook Fan Pages to gather RSVPs. It places them on your Fan page and gives them the opportunity to "like" your company (and learn more) while the respond to the event invite. Directly link to relevant tabs. We all know users who have an implied interest (reason for being on the page) tend to convert better. Batch this with the second recommendation. (Get to this feature: Facebook Fan Page > Edit > Link to this Tab)

Tag your fans in your photos, when they're actually IN them of course. This appears right on their profile and notifies them (unless they've specifically established for it not to). It keeps you on their mind and shows you off to their friends. Likewise, encourage fans to take photos of themselves with your products (at your location, etc). Let fans know they can tag your business in their photos (or you can tag it yourself)!

Feature fans on your profile image. Have some great photos of clients using your products/services? Put them on in the spot light! After all, your business is defined by them. (Needs to be said: Don't use images without permission.)

Use contests. Consider contest incentives for tagging photos. Example: Allow Facebook fans to vote on their favorite images (vote="like" the image); images with the most "likes" wins a prize.

Install a Facebook Fan Box to your .com. It tells users on your website you have a fan page. They can see your vibrant to-the-minute updates and allows users to connect on a more personal level. (Get to this feature: Facebook Fan Page > Edit Page > Promote with a Like Box > (Customize: "Show Stream" and other options) > Get Code > Place the code on your website)

Use the FacebookLike Button Wordpress Plugin. Of course, this requires you use Wordpress for your blog (which I definitely recommend).When a blog reader clicks on the "Like" button on your site, a status update will appear on the person's Facebook profile and in their friend's Facebook stream. This links their friends to your blog post. (Access the Facebook Like Button Wordpress Plugin)

Link to users, events and other fan pages direct @replies. You may have noticed Putting an "@" in front of status updates gives you a drop down. Don't forget to use the @replies in Fan Page status updates, too. It links users directly to you and appears on their profile, event, or fan pages.

Customize your url. If you already have some fans, you can customize your url. Keep SEO in mind and try to stay short. (Access Facebook usernames)

Monitor your page for spam. Unfortunately Fan Page walls are becoming spam targets, discrediting your page. Spam causes your page to look abandoned. Stay diligent and delete these posts.

Post sharable content. Status posts don't give users the option to share on their page, but posting links does! (Like the spam above,) Posts with links automatically make it easy for users to share your content. Not sure what links to share? Try these: blog articles, relevant research, links to other social media accounts, or relevant news articles.

Respond to negative wall posts. Don't delete negative wall posts. A user has taken time out of their day to post their thoughts on your wall. Leave a public comment on their post letting the user know you've read their message and what you're planning to do about it. Better yet, in addition to these things, give them a second call-to-action. Even if it's something that requires a personalized response, always leave a public comment to let other users know you're responsive. Even a "Thanks for sharing your feedback. I'm going to check on that and send you a private message shortly" response is better than nothing.

Ask users what they want. Scary, I know. Users love Facebook because it levels the playing field. Not sure what to ask about? Try these: New product design, alternate product uses, related activities, favorite product colors or favorite time of day to visit your location. Open up the two-way conversation and get ready to respond!  

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Great ideas!

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These are great ideas to increase your facebook fan page likes. Nice article!