Idiot's Guide to Be Seen on Facebook
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Idiot's Guide to Be Seen on Facebook

Want to be seen more often on Facebook? Learn how Facebook decides which posts are Top Stories so that you can make your posts seen by more people on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed a distinction between some posts on your page. Some of the people and pages you’re following show up at the top as a “top story”, while everything else (the majority of posts) show up below in the “most recent” section. These people and pages you’re seeing at the top of your page are likely also the same people and pages other friends & fans are seeing at the top of their pages, too.

Why are some businesses & friends showing up higher than others? It all comes down to something Facebook calls “EdgeRank”. Essentially EdgeRank is a sort of mathematical process to determine which updates you statistically most want to see. To put it another way, they’re the most popular kids in high school.

It’s a complicated system with advanced calculations, so the best way to explain it is with an analogy that’s bound to give you flashbacks to your teenage years. Essentially, the people & businesses that most people Like on Facebook and comment about are the “cool kids”. Facebook identifies who these “cool kids” are and gives them a high priority placement. Essentially, they get the best table in the lunchroom.

So when these “cool kids” post a comment or a picture or anything, their status update is bound to show up in all of our “top stories”. As long as we Like or Friend these people, then we’re most likely to see their status updates more often than anyone else’s.

Getting noticed:Fortunately, unlike high school, you don’t have to be stuck at the nerd’s table going unnoticed by the crowd. You too can be one of the “cool kids”. You can make your posts (or your business’s post if you have a fan page for it) show up higher in all your friends’ and followers’ feeds. There are even sites like EdgeRank Checker that will tell you how "popular" you are currently.

How do you do it?You need people to like you and more importantly, interact.

Specifically, others need to:

  1. Like your posts
  2. Comment on your posts 
  3. Share your posts

Steps to Create a Fan Base.

  1. If you have a separate, personal page from the Fan page that you’re trying to make “popular”, then just be sure to do all those above steps from your personal page.
  2. Ask your friends to help. Ask them to Like your page and also to like (or even comment on) your posts.
  3. Like other pages and contribute. Find pages of like-minded people and groups and join their conversations. Let’s say your city’s Chamber of Commerce has a Facebook page. If you comment on their page it’s likely some of their fans are going to see it (and then become aware of your existence). If you comment on their page with something worthwhile enough for this page to “share”, then ALL of their fans will see it.

Facebook isn't difficult or complicated, but to do it effectively it demands constant attention. Fortunately just a few minutes every day of Facebook time can get you a long way.

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