Knoji in a Nutshell: A Brief Guide for Consumers, Writers & Advertisers
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Knoji in a Nutshell: A Brief Guide for Consumers, Writers & Advertisers

What is Knoji? How can I become an expert on Knoji? How can I list my company on Knoji? What kinds of information can I find on Knoji? Find answers to some of your more basic questions about Knoji here in this brief guide.

We've made great strides at Knoji (know-jee) in recent months, and the pace of change can sometimes feel a bit dizzying - so I thought I'd take a few moments out of the busy day to summarize things a bit - and provide some context to our three primary constituencies: consumers, writers and advertisers. 

For consumers - what is Knoji?

Great question! Our tagline says "consumer knowledge" - and that is roughly descriptive of where we're headed with Knoji. One problem which persists in today's world is that it is often difficult to find accurate, unbiased and trustworthy information about companies from which we plan to make purchases. We thought - why isn't there a Wikipedia equivalent to online shopping? Or some comprehensive and searchable version of Consumer Reports? There are tons of review sites and blogs - but none that really provide a comprehensive, trusted source you can go back to when you need this kind of information.

To this end, our goal is to turn Knoji into a go-to resource where consumers can research companies before making a purchase. We're focused on building tools and providing content that are catered to answering questions that consumers have during the purchase process, namely:

  • Is this company trustworthy?
  • What other companies are similar for comparison?
  • How can I secure the best price / deal for my purchase?

For writers / experts

One of our greatest assets here at Knoji is the talented community of writers who write for us from all parts of the globe. With respect to our writing community, our mission is to evolve Knoji into a work platform to which you can login anytime and from anywhere and perform tasks that help us reach our goal of providing excellent information to consumers. Here are primary the challenges we face and wrestle with in meeting this goal:

  • Creating tools that are easy to use, and which result in the production of the exact content for which consumers are looking 
  • Providing the optimal incentives to appropriately reward time and effort, while ensuring profitability of the overall business
  • Measuring and tracking quality, and applying those results to ensure that the most effective experts are being rewarded with the highest level of compensation

As you will see, everything we do, all the changes we make, all the new features you see announced - are in the pursuit of these goals.

If you wish to become an Expert on Knoji, the process is simple. Just create an account, and submit your first article (click on Write in the header). This initial article submission is your application to Knoji. Things we look for:

  • Your ability to accurately convey factual information
  • Your ability to research a unique topic
  • Your ability to write with clarity and enthusiasm

If yoru submission is approved, you'll become a Contributor and can access the tier 1 layer of tools and projects on Knoji. You'll also be on watch to succeed in publishing 3 more articles, after which you'll become an Expert and gain access to the full range of tools and projectss on Knoji.

For advertisers

For Knoji, engaging directly with advertisers is a new area of our business. We previously relied on third party networks such as Google Adsense to manage our advertising, but now this is changing as we are building our own internal systems to manage advertiser relationships and campaigns. We currently work with the major affiliate CPA networks who manage the direct relationships with clients, but we are also developing the in-house capabilities to directly interface with advertisers. In this vein, our goal is to develop Knoji into an advertising platform that any e-commerce company that meets our criteria can tap into and reach a broader audience. Our differentiators:

  • Our community of writers who will develop unbiased content about your company and products,
  • Our great visibility in search engines and social media
  • Our 1MM+ monthly unique visitors.

Currently, our only capacity to work with companies is via the major CPA affiliate networks, so if you are an advertiser and wish to list your company on Knoji, you must first be an approved advertiser on one of the major networks - if you are, then send an email to with the details on your company and someone will get back to you about getting listed on our site.

Thanks everyone for your hard work in making Knoji the success it has become. Believe it or not, we're still like the the 2nd inning - lots of more exciting developments are on the way as we work towards our goal of making Knoji the #1 place consumers go when they are seeking information and knowledge.

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Comments (13)

Very interesting and forward-looking views on Knoji - thanks for sharing.

The present is already such a big improvement over the Factoidz era, and I am looking forward to the promised better future on Knoji. Everything is pointing towards success for the website and for us contributors, with the regular updates and improvements to the system. Great work Michael & Knoji team! Keep up the excellent work you are doing.

I am happy to see 'knoji' taking strides towards a shining future but still there are many bugs which need to be adjusted. I agree with Bethany that 'knoji' has become only promotional site for advertisers but we writes who are promoting the coupns are earning in cents for bringing thousands of visitors to those coupon sites or companies. 

Still I didn't lose my hope that we writers would be rewarded in the same way as 'knoji' is getting a good and reliable position around world wide web.

Informative. Keep updating.

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Excellent article. Please also inform the readers about the consequences of 3 times rejection of articles in knoji.

Tata Chatterji

How can I stop e-mails from Knoji?

Interesting... Thanks!

What should I do here on Konji?

My reviews have not appeared.  Is this website fixed in some way??

Three weeks ago, I submitted an article for approval. It is still sitting and waiting instead of earning money. Unfortunately, it is a timely piece and it should be read. If there is no intention of publishing it by mid-week, please do the right thing and release it back to me. I can promote it somewhere else.

How long should it take to get an article approved and published? My article has been waiting 4 weeks. I think time is up.

I am still learning the ins and outs of Knoji and this article was very insightful and helpful. Thank you.

Very insightful article. However, it seems that 2013 has not been a good year for Knoji writers compared to 2012.  In contrast to a year ago, writers are unable to write articles and share coupons. Only a limited number of writers are able to write product reviews and consumer guides.

There has also been problems with the site and complaints of incorrect and late payments. It looks like many writers are losing faith in Knoji. I am hopeful that things will turn around next year.