How to Make Twitter Work for Your Business: Use It Regularly and Make It Personal

If you use twitter regularly, you will notice increased traffic to your websites or business profiles

Business Tweeting. It might sound odd, and it might seem confusing, but its really not. With the advent of Facebooks twitter platform, many business networkers are already tweeting, they just don't know it yet.

Twitter may seem odd, and sometimes confusing, but its basic goal is the same as any other social network; to Connect you with other business's, potential customers, and even your friends! The trick is, you actually have to USE twitter.

Tweeting has become a means of short term updating about your company, yourself, or something you heard about. Its almost like texting, but to a whole bunch of people at once, who are also tweeting.

Now, is your just a social tweeter, or that is to say, your not in it to drive traffic to your company, you will most likely use it to contact your friends and family, maybe even some business associates.

If your in it for business, or traffic hogging, then you might want to take a much more aggressive approach to your twitter use.

In order to find worth in your tweeting, you need to actually have people following you, who will want to read your tweets, and might be interested in your service or product. Hence, if you want others to follow you, first you have to follow them!

Don't just follow them, tweet with them! Make it personal, introduce yourself and ask about their business or tweeting life. Ask them if they have any other websites you can visit, and offer them some of yours. Try to pass along information, without forcing it, and make connections on other sites with your twitter followers.

When your first making contacts on twitter, go to the "find people" tab in the upper right hand corner and go to the keyword search bar.

Search for: The City You Live In.

Mine would be "Seattle", type in your home town, or especially the area where your business does the best. Follow as many people in your city as you can. You will find similar business, and other networks that you might be interested in, and they will be easy to add to your followers list, and they want you tell others about them. There will also be random tweeting profiles for people in your area, and those are going to be your potential consumers. Add as many of them as you can before your eyes and mind wear out from it.


Then Search for: Your Industry

Mine would be "Entertainment", "Events", "Music", or "Entrepreneur". Any industry keyword will work. If you want to see other industry pro's in your area, then just add your city into the search along with the industry key word. Look around for like minded business and follow them. They will be good business to keep an eye on for trends, or for fresh ideas. Plus, you never know when you might end up finding your life time business partner.

Then Search For: People You Know

Put there names directly into the search. Think way back to highschool, in college and at work. Think about random people you met at a meeting or picnic. Follow them. Most people who have only meet you a few times will follow you just because they vaguely remember who you are, which will grow your followers list. Friends, family and co-workers will also be great followers and give you higher numbers on your followers list.

Its important to spend at least a few minutes everyday, following potential network connections and potential consumers, as people are fickle. They like to do what popular, even if they don't consciously do it. They will be more likely to follow you, if they see that others are following you too.

Take some time to really get into twitter. Add the app to your cell phone, and check in on it here or there from your computer at home or at work. It doesn't take long to go over the tweets you have recieved, or to check your messages. You can even click the link that tells you who's been talking about you.

Go to and find some videos that you think are funny, or related to your business, and click the link to show it on your twitter profile. Take quizzes and publish them on Twitter. Link up your facebook account with twitter. Tweet about your website, your mood, or your favorite snack food. There are so many ways to utilize twitter, you just have to take the time to do it!

So many of us in the world expect instant gratification, and there just aren't very many things in this world that will do that and stick around long term!

Get on your Twitter account and see what you can make of it!

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