Social Media News: Changes to the Integration of LinkedIn and Twitter
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Social Media News: Changes to the Integration of LinkedIn and Twitter

The integration of Twitter and LinkedIn, two of the most popular social media networks worldwide, has recent changed and the modifications will affect users. The three-year partnership changed at the end of June when Twitter announced the strengthening of guidelines for its API. Later that day, LinkedIn confirmed the modifications on its own blog.

The integration of Twitter and LinkedIn, two of the most popular social media networks worldwide, has recent changed and the modifications will affect users. At the end of June, Twitter announced that it will be strengthening how its API is used as it develops its platform. Later that day (June 29), LinkedIn followed up with a blog post verifying the new terms.

The changes to integration affect how users share professional content between the two networks. While LinkedIn is primarily a business network, Twitter provides both social and professional networking connections. Along with ensuring they adjust their privacy settings on Twitter, users now need to look at the new status of the integration with LinkedIn.

The Integration Of 2009     

The integration between Twitter and LinkedIn was first launched in 2009. The relationship enabled users to add Tweets to the feed of their LinkedIn profiles simply by adding #in to their Twitter messages. Many users chose the second available option to share all Tweets to LinkedIn, rather than being selective in the shares by adding #in.

The result of the Twitter-happy shares appeared to negatively affect LinkedIn. While integration between the two social media networks was meant to give LinkedIn users a peak into real-time Tweets, the Tweets soon filled up many users’ professional feeds. When LinkedIn connections shared all Tweets without discrimination, LinkedIn users often had difficulty pulling out updates that were posted directly onto the platform. LinkedIn users could block updates without terminating connection but many people did not know how to do so.

Changes to Relations between the Two Social Media Networks

While Twitter no longer enables the tool to share content onto LinkedIn, users can still share from LinkedIn onto the other social media network. To share, LinkedIn users can begin a discussion within a group or update their status box and press the box with the Twitter icon at time of publishing the post. When the “Share” button is pressed, the post will automatically share onto both networks.

While the integration between the social media networks was a convenient sharing method for its users, the current relationship is more limited for spreading content. Users can share from LinkedIn onto Twitter; however the opposite share is no longer available to users. The end of the three-year reciprocal partnership keeps social media users on their toes. There may be more changes as Twitter strengthens its API guidelines and other social media networks spring up on a regular basis.


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Hi Christy I was invited into Linkedin and was surprised how fast and encompassing it was.

Social Media is getting more confusing by the second!

Very informative. Thank you for posting.

That sounds like a nice perk.  I am a member of Linked in but I have yet to spend time learning more about it so I can use it to my advantage.  I only have a few friends on there and one of them is my own brother, I really need to learn more about it.

I think this is a good step and this is really going to work well in business terms.

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